Daily Prompt: Volunteer

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

The first thing that entered my head when I read this word was Oh no, sit on your hands and keep your lips firmly shut.  Don’t get me wrong, being the person I am, I love to volunteer because I love to help people.  I just don’t help ME when I volunteer.

I remember sitting in a large room with many other people all listening to a discussion on a topic that was relevant to my family and many others around the country.  It was a charity run by a hospital nurse.  At the end of the meeting, said nurse hung up her “chairperson” role and asked for someone else to take part.  It was our first meeting.  We had only been involved for about 6 months.  We were still learning about the topic.

Silence in the room.  A lot of shifting about, heads down.  It felt awkward.  Don’t even know what possessed me, but I put up my hand and offered my services!  Offered my services to a charity that was the other end of the country from me.  Offered my services to be a spokesperson and liaison to families and practitioners from all over the UK.   Offered my services to something I had no idea about.

I thrived at the challenge though, kept at it for two years before finally hanging up my chair.

Don’t regret a minute.  Just don’t want to fall prey to this word so hard next time.


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